10 Pack Replacement Callus Shaver Blades

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10 Pack Merkur Replacement Callus Shaver Blades. Fits our callus shaver and most generic ones as well. 

All blades are double sided

Calluses can easily get unruly when they are not properly cared for. Using a callus shaver to reduce overgrown calluses and dead skin buildup will help you maintain a healthy level of callus and will also prevent rips from happening. Keep your grip strength by maintaining your calluses, not ignoring them!


Tips for optimal results:


Can be used on wet or dry skin (wet skin is preferred and will produce a better result)


Limit use to once weekly (unless calluses are unruly)


Check out the full demo video for a demonstration on how to use a callus shaver and properly maintain your hands - tips included on the full length video at the end!


How to use a callus shaver - demo video




Always remember to replenish your hands after removing the dead skin with either the Original Maintenance or if your hands are very dry use Rapid Repair.