International Distributors

Posted by Ashley on 30th May 2016

Here is the contact information for some of our International Distributors. If you are in one of the listed countries please feel free to contact the company listed for purchase of WOD Repair Lotion. 

Please note this list does not include International gyms that carry WOD Repair Lotion

Dominican Republic

Gym Care RD


Email Address:

Phone Number : (829) 629-6866

Location within country: All of the Dominican Republic

Preferred contact method: phone call, text or email 


Fitness Depot Colombia


Email Address:

Phone Number: (57)3202296060

Location within country: Bogota D.C.

Preferred contact method: Email or Phone Number

United Kingdom

Battle Box UK


Email Address

Phone Number 01316677331

Location within country 101 St Leonards Str., Edinburgh EH8 9QY, Scotland UK


      TotalRx Brazil

      Website <pending>

      Email Address

      Phone Number +55 11 9810 61300

      Preferred Contact Method email, text or phone

      Location within country São Paulo, Brazil 

To be updated: Canada, Australia and Argentina