Scrubs, Whipped Body Butters and Exfoliators...Oh My!

Posted by Ashley on 11th Jan 2017

Here at WOD Repair Lotion we have always been about athletic skin care and promoting healthy calluses to aid in your training, but we noticed something ... many of our customers don't use our products for just athletic skin care. They just use it for their skin problems, unrelated to the gym. We also have a huge market of customers who are not gym fanatics but still are in love with the quality of our products and the serious results they provide. 

So we asked ourselves, why not offer other items to cater to our WHOLE market? Well, we are doing just that! 


Hand and Body Sugar Scrub : Available in Shea Coconut and Vanilla Mint


To exfoliate dry, dead skin buildup off so you have soft, hydrated, flake free skin all year long. Shea Coconut is the unscented version and Vanilla Mint has a light aroma. 

Whipped Body Butter : Available in Shea Coconut and Vanilla Mint


Ultra hydrating whipped body butter will leave your skin feeling as soft as a baby. This is an intense moisturizer and as such may take several minutes to fully absorb into your skin. 

Lip Scrub : Available in Shea Coconut and Vanilla Mint


This lip scrub will gently exfoliate dry, flaky skin off your lips and leave behind only moisture. Perfect for combating dry winter lips and creating a smooth surface for lipstick application. 

All of these new products to the WOD Repair Lotion family still stay within our core belief system - healthy skin. The new scrubs and exfoliants will help to remove dry, flaky dead skin up to create healthy soft skin that is left moisturized. The whipped body butter will provide extreme hydration to dry skin. 

Our product lines have no limits as to what they can be used for. The first line of WOD Repair Lotion, The Original Maintenance and Rapid Repair, will often be used not just as athletic skin care, but for dry problem skin. Same goes for these new additions. Some may find that they enjoy using the scrub on a daily basis to maintain healthy, hydrated calluses and the lip scrub makes a fantastic addition to your beauty routine ladies. Exfoliate and hydrate your lips to create a smooth working surface before applying lipstick. 

Got ashy, dry skin that can't be managed? Use the whipped body butter and feel the difference of this INTENSE moisturizer. This product will take a few moments to fully absorb into skin because it is so dense with natural hydrating ingredients. 

All the new items will be available for purchase on Saturday January 14th. Currently we are taking pre-orders as of today. Expect to see these sell quickly as the buzz on social media is already high.