So, how do I use it?

7th Jun 2016

That is a question we get asked occasionally at events and we are here to answer it for you. 

Regardless of which product you apply, only apply once you are done working out for the day, unless you work out in the evenings, then you can apply during the day, but not close to your gym time. 

The Original Maintenance: This is a daily use product for maintenance of healthy calluses. Apply directly to skin and let it absorb. It's that simple. Most customers use The Original Maintenance before bed every night. 

Using The Original Maintenance daily will creates healthy calluses that rip less (if at all) by hydrating dry, cracked skin , all while conserving grip strength. 

Rapid Repair:This product is for when accidents happen because sometimes rips and cuts are just unavoidable. 

Apply directly to wound multiple times daily until healed. Let the wound dry completely in between applications to avoid keeping it too moist. 

Always stop the bleeding first before apply, and if it is a fresh wound scrape product off the top of the tube with the back of your nail instead of rolling the product on. This is beneficial for two reasons. 1 - Fresh rips and cuts are very tender, especially if they are deep. 2 - Not transferring blood and wound bacteria to your tube will keep the remaining product clean! 

How do I use the removal tools?

Check out the product pages for directions and this link for videos that demo how to use a callus shaver

Pumice Stone


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