The Buffer

Posted by Ashley on 15th Jul 2015

One of the many additions to our online store is the buffer. This yellow block is an amazing tool to have on hand with your skin care routine! The buffer is low on the abrasion scale, meaning it is not that rough. Though you may think that something so low on the abrasion scale has no use, it does! There a few situations where the buffer is the ideal tool over a pumice stone or a callus shaver, check them out below!

New to working out

Have you just started working out and are only starting to develop calluses, or just have soft hands in general? A pumice stone or callus shaver would remove too much skin and cause those soft hands some serious damage. The buffer is the ideal tool in this situation because it would remove just the right amount of skin while helping to smooth over new calluses to keep them maintained. 


The buffer is perfect for pre-workout maintenance of calluses and dead skin because of it's low abrasion! Have some rough calluses or little pieces of skin that should have been taken care of the day before? Use the buffer to quickly smooth those out and hit your workout worry free! 

Need to remove thick callus build up?

We suggest if you need to remove a good amount of callus build up or smooth over-grown calluses that you use either our pumice stone or callus shaver. Check them out in our "accessories" section!

Have any more questions about the buffer? Send us an email!