Real testimonials from real customers

"WOD Repair Lotion has been a staple at my box since I first was introduced to it. I use it on a daily basis to keep my hands in good condition and to prevent tears from happening in the first place"

                                      -Peter S. 

"I am a full time trainer and weightlift 5-6 times a week so keeping my hands in good condition is key! WOD Repair Lotion lets me do that. It keeps my hands moisturized and healthy so I can get my hands on a bar without pain or rips. I would highly recommend it to the competitive weightlifter who gets rips or dry cracked hands from chalk"

                                      -Tim K. 

"I've got sensitive skin so I love the fact that the bars aren't filled with all kinds of junk. Probably use it at least 3-4 times a day, not only on my hands, feet, lips and funny enough my nose (allergy season hasn't been kind to it). Love how moist it keeps my skin!"

                                     -Francisca G. 

"As soon as WOD Repair Lotion was introduced to me I immediately thought it was a great idea. It wasn't until I started using it that it was clear me WOD Repair Lotion was an absolute necessity for my everday training schedule. Immediately after a training session I grab my post workout shake and my WOD Repair Lotion before doing anything else. I've always hated the tenderness my hands feel after a hard barbell and rings workout, but WOD Repair Lotion helps to sooth the tenderness and heal my hands the rest of the day so I can attach the next day just as hard, if not harder than I just did. Thank you Ashley for bringing this amazing product to me and my gym. We will be customers for life!"

                                    -Wes B.  


"Works best on my calluses but I use it mostly for my hands all over. My hands are super dry from all the chalk I use and washing my hands all day being in a gym. I keep it in my purse...I occasionally put it on just because it smells amazing!"

                                    -Micha Z.

"I have been using WOD Repair Lotion in two areas. The first was an injury from box jumps. The skin or lack there of would never heal. It stayed dry and flakey. I applied the product religiously for two or so days and it is like there was never an injury. The second are my hands. I do not have a problem with torn hands. I think it is the preventative use of the product daily. I believe in WOD Repair Lotion and highly endorse it to my clients as well."

                                  -Dallas B. 

 "WOD Repair Lotion is awesome! My callused hands thank you. My chapped lips thank you. And my kids boo boos thank you too! The lotion works wonders in just one night to soften and heal. It nourished your skin better than conventional lotion and creams."

                                  -Kim B. 

 "I use WOD Repair Lotion EVERY night as a preventative from tears and blisters... It works awesome, I never tear! In addition to that I have been using it on minor scrapes or cuts and have noticed a big difference in healing time! I love it and won't stop using it!" 

                                  -Cristin B. 

Please note individuals results may vary. There is no guarantee that your individual skin will respond with the same healing speed as other customers.