What is WOD Repair Lotion?

WOD Repair Lotion is an organic skin care brand designed for athletes that can be used to heal the plague of ripped hands, dry skin and achy calluses. The WOD Repair Lotion products help keep calluses under control when working out or training hard. 

Here at WOD Repair Lotion we know that calluses are important for grip strength but often get neglected and turn into painful, thick calluses that rip open. We like to promote healthy calluses which allow you to keep your grip strength. 

How it works:

The Original Maintenance is for daily use, any time post workout to keep your calluses healthy and hydrated. Even if you don't have rips this is an important step to do because it will help prevent rips from happening, and also prevent skin from drying out and cracking.

Also great for reducing achy, sensitive hands following high volume days in the gym!

Rapid Repair is for fresh rips, rope burn, shin scrapes from deadlifts, extra dry skin, and even bug bites! For rips and torn skin use multiple times daily until healed. Pro tip: Let the wound completely dry out inbetween applications to allow new layers of skin to form more rapidly.

Both The Original Maintenance and Rapid Repair are completely safe to put on an open wound because they are loaded (and more specifically, Rapid Repair) with anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properities so it will help kill off any bacteria that may be present. You won't need neosporin anymore!

Even works great for burns!


WOD Repair Lotion goes beyond just healing calluses...

It can help with many skin issues

  • dry flaky skin  
  • cracked heels
  • cuticles
  • eczema
  • minimal burns (rope burn, razor burn)
  • reduces stretch marks and scars
  • chapped lips (literally the best chap-stick you will ever have)
Whether you are just working out or training in Olympic Weightlifting, Functional Fitness, Gymnastics, or anything in between, WOD Repair Lotion is the product for your skin recovery!
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