Whipped Body Butter - Shea Coconut

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Whipped Body Butter - Shea Coconut
Is dry, cracked skin an obstacle every winter? We have a solution for you! One of the new items added to the WOD Repair Lotion family of products is Whipped Body Butter in Shea Coconut. 
Ultra hydrating and long lasting, this whipped body butter will leave your skin moisturized and feeling healthy during the harsh months of winter. 
Loaded with simple and natural ingredients, the Whipped Body Butter in Shea Coconut (the unscented version) will replenish the natural oils in your skin, while leaving it baby soft. 
This product has no fillers or preservatives in it, as such it may take a few minutes to fully absorb into your skin. 
Directions: Use dime size amount and rub in. Depending on skin moisture product may take a moment to fully absorb in. 
Tip: Apply generous amount to feet at night and sleep with cotton socks on for hydrated and healthy heels every morning. 
Ingredients: Vitellaria Paradoxa (shea butter), Cocoa Nucifera (coconut oil) Prunus Dulcis (almond oil), Flavor oil